President’s message

I’ve always respected those who try to change the world for the better rather than just complain about it. It is, indeed, a matter of great satisfaction to me that my altruistic reverie, SYEDA FATIMA TU ZAHRA (S.A) TRUST HOSPITAL has continued to provide treatment services of most of the diseases with high standards and with the help of the latest equipment, modern medical, surgical techniques and above all, the dedication and expertise of the staff to poor and underserved people of Bhakkar who cannot afford to pay for these facilities. Over the years, SYEDA FATIMA TU ZAHRA (S.A) TRUST HOSPITAL has been fortunate in receiving generous donations from a large number of people. This is most reassuring because it indicates the trust of donors in the quality of service and care provided by the Hospital.

Sadiq Ali Chitrani – President



Empowered, healthy and prosperous local communities especially women and girls in an equitable and just society.


To improve health ,economic, social conditions of the poorest communities, women, laborers and the disabled through sustainable development.

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